Update 1.1.2 - Minor fixes and adjustments

We've had two minor updates since launch (v1.1.0) - thank you to everyone that reached out to us!

Update 1.1.1:

- Added a fade out transition to the main menu music;
- Main menu music now properly silenced in the beginning of Book 7;
- Fixed a soft lock you could get by resetting a scene during a page transition;
- Enhanced Debug Mode;
- Added system icon for the app.

Update 1.1.2: 

- Small adjustments to the first and second music tracks;
- Restarting the seventh book now properly keeps the music going without restarting;
- Glitches due to interactions with cannons during the end of page animation now fixed (Pico wouldn't move in the next round, forcing the player to do a page reset);
- "Click here" prompt in the main menu at the start of a new save now properly localized.


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Jul 07, 2021

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