Move the sliders and click the arrows to change the friends' features, and when you're done click on "Save Img" to download a .png to your computer (apparently it takes two clicks for it to work! It's strange!)

Alternatively you can download the complete character creator and run directly from your desktop!

Disclaimer: The web version had performance issues in the past in some browsers, but it seems to be working fine now. If you do find anything else not working correctly, please message us!

About Stand By Me

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Stand By Me is a groovy puzzle game about navigating with magnets and caring for your friends.

  • Over 100 unique stages across seven books;
  • Over a dozen different magnets and stage elements to interact with;
  • A dynamic picture-book-themed story;
  • An in-game timer for tracking your run times;
  • All original groovy soundtrack (and sound effects);
  • Assorted friends.

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AuthorGaroa Studios
TagsCharacter Customization, Colorful, Cute, LGBT, LGBTQIA


Make-A-Friend PC 61 MB