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A 90’s nostalgia inspired lo-fi adventure with a relaxing atmosphere and wholesome story, paced between tiny planet platforming and puzzle-solving.

In Astro Pig, play as Buyk, a piglet space cadet, in a journey through uncharted territory with his ship and its sentient AI – P.I.G. — on a secret mission.

  • Three Safe Zones for exploration with dozens of NPCs;
  • Around 150 Danger Zone levels, with over 20 unique puzzle mechanics;
  • Three unlockable retro-styled handheld minigames;
  • Completely original lo-fi soundtrack with over 40 tracks;
  • Unlockable ship interior decorations;
  • Make-a-Beat: make your own lo-fi tracks on a beatmaker tool.

Listen to Astro Pig's OST on Spotify!